Michelle Bowman

for balanced representation on Guelph City Council


Michelle has lived in the center of Ward 1 for twelve years - the longest she has lived anywhere.  Her career was spent protecting the health of rivers and lakes.  She became interested in politics because of the disconnect between evidence and government policies.   Michelle hopes to make city council work her main focus.      

Political experience  

As a scientist, I noticed the mismatch between government policies and evidence.  I started to pay closer attention to politics when my colleagues in the federal government were let go and our libraries dismantled.  When I met Mike Schreiner at a coffee chat, I volunteered on the spot.  For almost five years, I’ve held various positions in provincial and federal riding associations in Guelph.  Last year I was a Federal MPP Candidate for Guelph and I continue to serve as an Environment Critic.  I decided to run for city council because I’d like to work on local issues and in a nonpartisan way.     

Aquatic Ecology 

The name of my home-based consulting business is Forensecology– think forensics but with polluters as the suspects and scientists as investigators.  My proudest accomplishment is leading a program to restore and maintain the health of rivers in our mountain national parks.  After leading the program for two decades, it was incorporated into a broader national program a few years ago.  The root causes of environmental and social problems are the same.  I feel I can make a bigger impact as a politician than continuing as an environmental scientist.       


I was born to young parents in Toronto and grew up in the suburbs of Montreal and Toronto with my younger brother.  I was fortunate to spend summers on the water with my grandparents and cousins in cottage country.  We visited family in the city often so I’m equally happy in the city, burbs, countryside and forest.  Water continued to be a theme in high school – swim team, lifeguard, swim instructor, canoe trips and Special Olympics swim coach.  My dad was the first person in his family to go to university and I was the first person in the family to go to grad school.