Michelle Bowman

for balanced representation on Guelph City Council
many hands make strong democracies
Email volunteer @michellebowman.ca 

We have a role for everyone.  Just tell us what you like to do and if you have a few minutes or a few hours.  Your kids, pets and friends are welcome too! 

Ways to support the Michelle's campaign   

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that will overwhelm the world – Desmond Tutu   

Of course the best way to support Michelle is to vote but there are many other ways too!  The ask in politics is Can you spare some time, talent or treasure?    
  • VOTE - Election day is Monday October 24th but we encourage you to vote early
  • Time - Volunteer by checking some boxes below          
  • Talent - Tell us what you and your family like to do and we’ll tap your superpowers! 
  • Treasure – Asking people to donate is tough but it’s essential for a win     

The best way to win votes is to talk to voters - It can sound daunting but it’s simply a friendly conversation          

  • Door knocking - Join Michelle any time before October 24th           
  • Call from the comfort of your home following a simple guide          
  • Reach out to family and friends in Ward 1 – that’s anyone east of Victoria Road          
  • Help fundraise    

Not ready for canvassing?  No problem – there’re still lots of ways to help out!           

  • Request a lawn sign– We’re using reusable bags to cut down on plastic          
  • Write a brief endorsement of Michelle that she can share along with your picture 
  • Put up, manage and take down lawn signs or deliver literature          
  • Enter data that the canvassers collect at the door   

Super Saturdays are when we need as many volunteers as we can get – we encourage you to bring your kids and pets!          

  • Make lunch or dinner for the team          
  • Walk with the canvassers and deliver literature          
  • Wave signs, chalk the campaign swirl on sidewalks, play music          
  • Take pictures or videos    

Fun and family friendly ways to support Michelle are limited only by your imagination! 
  • Set up a craft table – spinners are fun!        
  • Paint a themed sign (Indigenous, 2SLGBTQIA+) to post in Ward 1       
  • Bake a batch of dog cookies that Michelle and Misty can hand out          
  • Host a backyard chat to introduce Michelle to potential supporters          
  • Fundraise $100 with your favorite activity (bake sale, yoga classes, bike-a-thon)   

Only have a few seconds?  
  • Follow Michelle on social media and like, share, comment and tag           
  • Hand out campaign literature to potential supporters you bump into           
  • Put a sign on your bike or car          
  • Paint the campaign swirl on you shirt or sidewalk